Who we are

The Warwick Potter’s Association Inc. was formed in 1973 by a group of likeminded folk interested in pottery came together to learn, conduct workshops and look to the future of pottery on the Southern Downs.

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Our History

School building and homes were the first meeting places for the fledgling group in Warwick. The first known tutor was Mr. Charles Ashley (1869 - 1929) teaching freehand, perspective and geometrical drawing, design and painting as well as wood carving, pottery and china painting.

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Events and Exhibitions

Warwick Agricultural Show pottery display and competition showcasing all our members work. Jumpers and Jazz Hot Pot Soup Night is a feature of the 10 days during the Jumpers and Jazz Festival. We hold a themed clay exhibition, sell handmade pottery bowls with complimentary soup made by members to a backdrop of night stars, Jazz music and roaring pit fire. Combined Group Christmas Shop and Party celebrates our year of pottery.

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